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Organic Produce Specials

Produce Storage Guide

Learn best storage practices for all your favorite fruits and veggies. Download our Produce Storage Guide (PDF).



Member Appreciation Day

Every Co-op member can choose one transaction each month to use their 5% off Member Appreciation discount.

The computer system tracks a “virtual coupon” for every member: you choose the day of the month to use it. The discount may be used for all items including sale items, but does not apply to special orders and case lot discounts. However, it does allow you to stock up and save on any one day of your choice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There is one monthly discount for every membership, so if someone shares your member number with you, you’ll want to communicate about who is using the discount when.
  • The discount is for one transaction, rather than for one day, so you won’t get 5% off your morning coffee or your noontime sandwich as well as your big shopping trip in the evening. We hope the added convenience of choosing your day will make up for this small inconvenience.


Member Coupons

The Co-op knows good food and good deals! Pick up your copy of our coupon book featuring offers that deliver big value on your favorite products or look for pre-cut coupons right at the point of purchase. These coupon books are just one small way for us to say “thanks” to you, our member-owners. Your continued support makes your Co-op more than just another grocer. Your investment and patronage help your Co-op not only succeed as an independent grocer, more importantly....be a positive force in our community!

North Coast Co-op Specials September 2015

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You don't have to be a member at our co-op to save if you are 60 years young and beyond. Each Tuesday is our Senior Day where senior shoppers save 5% on their total purchase.

We have a passion for good food and good value. We're so lucky to have many food producers in our area that are willing to partner with your Co-op to bring you the our private label. Our goal is to find great organic food and bring it directly from the manufacturer to you. That means you'll find great food that is priced at or below similar items. It's another way we sustain our community and provide good food to you. That way, everybody wins!

Look for private label organic: coffee, wine, cheese, corn chips, chocolate, apple juice, vitamins, herbs, and liquid tinctures. More items are in the pipeline so look for our new private label when you shop. Don't forget your Co-op is also a full service production bakery and deli. We know good food!