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811 I Street
Arcata, CA 95521
One block west of the town's plaza View Map

North Coast Co-op

25 4th Street
Eureka, CA 95501
At the corner of 4th & B Streets View Map

North Coast Co-op


Since 1973, your North Coast Co-op has been a member-owned consumer food cooperative in Northern California operating two full-service grocery stores in Arcata and Eureka. Your North Coast Co-op has a production bakery and deli serving good food without artificial ingredients and using organic or natural ingredients whenever possible.

Your North Coast Co-op is locally committed to good food. It is important to provide our community with healthful food, nutritional education and demonstrate environmental responsibility through the products we sell and the services we provide.
Everyone can shop and anyone can join the Co-op!

You Can Be An Owner

One idea that is rarely practiced is the idea that the people can be owners of the business they choose to shop at. This Co-op is locally grown and member owned! With over 12,000 members, a high percentage of our community believes in the cooperative spirit.

In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. As a cooperative business, we adhere to these seven principles:

1 Voluntary and open membership.
2 Democratic member control.
3 Member economic participation.
4 Autonomy and independence.
5 Education, training, and information.
6 Cooperation among cooperatives.
7 Concern for community.

Like other consumer co-ops in this country, the Co-op has led the way in promoting organic farming, the importance of supporting local products, the advantages of buying bulk foods, the benefits of recycling and reducing waste, the importance of accurate product information, and the buying power of consumers informed about the food they eat and the impacts of their choices.

Way back in 1973 some of these ideas were a bit radical, but these ideas are now practiced in one way or another by every other "natural" food store.

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Organic Produce Specials

Organic Produce SpecialsWe offer fresh new Organic Produce Specials every Tuesday. View our current Organic Produce Specials here.

Hot Bar Menu Hot Bar MenuSee what's for lunch in our deli's hot bar menu. From the best
mac n' cheese to veggie vindaloo, our menu boasts a variety of classic and exotic dishes. Vegetarian options available daily. See the menu.
Certified Organic Grocer

We did it again! In December of 2013 the Co-op was recertified as an organic retailer by CCOF, a third party certifying agency. The North Coast Co-op is the first food co-op on the West Coast, and the only food retailer in California north of the Bay Area, to be certified organic!

Our certifier, CCOF, inspected both stores and verified that the North Coast Co-op handles all certified organic products in accordance with federal regulations from the delivery truck to your basket. CCOF is your assurance that your Co-op properly handles all certified organic products!

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